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Why doesn't someone create a website tracking all the political positions of politicians in Scotland and then track how those positions change over time? It's a very good question. But one which will not be answered here. It's unfeasible and only of passing interest. But it is of some relevance to the story of the birth of Spoilitics: a story that takes in technological espionage, the pursuit of power and, yes, our old friend snikkin cans.... 

Such an idea was, in fact, stolen from Spoilitics, some time ago. With this setback, the team had to fall back on old support networks, previously discarded dreams and, yes, a few snikkit cans... 

With a new-found vigour and lust for tunes, cans and life in general, Spoilitics made a decisive pivot to covering music and possibly, at a indeterminate date in the future, films and recipes.

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