LCD Soundsystem - American Dream

Seven years after appearing to call it a day, James Murphy and co. return with American Dream. It's worth the wait, but amongst some classic additions to the LCD Soundsystem canon, it does come with a Murphy who's songwriting now has an added tinge of world-weariness.

Richard Dawson - Peasant

An exceptional figure in British folk music, (his last album Nothing Important was described as Captain Beefheart by way of Vic and Bob) Richard Dawson’s new album can barely be contained under that most traditional umbrella - it bursts with historical and literary allusions, supernatural and surreal characters and occurrences.

Mount Eerie - A Crow Looked At Me

Real Death is spoken, not really sung – only sung in places. A guitar slowly strums long open chords, the spoken words move to form a melody and Phil Elverum tells a story. It’s very similar to what Mark Kozelek does in Sun Kil Moon, or Bill Callahan has pushed towards more and more since leaving Smog. Musically it’s very similar to early Will Oldham in his Palace days.